AI Television Explorer

This service allows you to use state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language AI to visually search a selection of a decade of broadcast television news coverage from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive analyzed by Google's Cloud Video API and Cloud Natural Language API, using the TV AI API 2.0. Use the options below to construct your search or switch to a different dataset like online news or traditional keyword captioning search.

Step 1: Dataset


Step 2: Output Type

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Step 3: Enter Search

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Step 4: Displays

Your AI Television Explorer dashboard is built up by appending together a series of displays and content sections. Use the dropdowns below to select which you'd like to include in your AI TV Explorer results summary.

Volume Timeline
Volume Timeline (Streamgraph)
Volume Timeline (Heatmap)
Station Chart
Show Chart
ASR WordCloud
Caption WordCloud
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